The How To of Starting and Growing Your Blog

The How-To of Starting and Growing Your Blog walks you step-by-step on everything from starting your own blog to growing your readership.

You’ll learn:

  • How to build your blog

  • The best  plug-ins for getting started

  • The proper way to set up your post name to maximize SEO

  • How to turn your blog into a community

  • The understanding of your blog as a relationship

  • How to get your blog on Google

  • 48 Blog Post Ideas, whatever your niche or topic

  • 15 ways to take your blog viral

  • Types of blog formats that do well

  • How to craft good headlines

  • How to find readers and bring traffic to your blog

  • Search Engine Optimization techniques

  • 35 marketing techniques you can  put in place today

  • and more!

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