Query Letters that Work Mini Course

As writers, one would think this would be easy, right up our alley, so-to-speak.  But, the fact is, writing a query letter is a very specific and formal process, one that can leave many writers frustrated and unsure. I’ve worked with many talented writers who have been tripped-up by or struggled with the process of … Read more

Never Been Published? What to do!

Part 4 of Query Letters That Work! mini-course continued . . . What to Do if You’ve Never Been Published and Don’t have Writing Credentials So far in the Query Letters That Work! Mini-Course, we’ve explored: The Purpose of the Query Letter Key Components of Query Letters That Work Parts One and Two Key Traits and … Read more

Key Traits & Characteristics of Winning Query Letters

Welcome to Part 3 of Query Letters That Work! A winning query letter has two primary objectives: To persuade the agent or editor to want more from you To provide the editor or agent with a way to easily get in touch with you As we’ve explored earlier in the Query Letters That Work! Mini-Course, following the specific … Read more

Section II of Key Components of Query Letters That Work

Part 2 of Query Letters That Work! mini-course continued . . . To stand out from the massive crowd of query letters that agents and editors receive on a regular basis, your query letter needs to attract the attention of the editor or agent, and in a good way. We’ve gone over the purpose of … Read more