Self Publishing Success

Consider this . . . following are all authors who have successfully self-published (I think this may surprise you!):

  • Beatrix Potter
  • Ezra Pound
  • Leo Tolstoy
  • T. S. Eliot
  • e. e. Cummings
  • Edgar Allen Poe
  • George Bernard Shaw
  • Nathaniel Hawthorne
  • Lord Byron
  • James Joyce
  • Walt Whitman
  • Elizabeth Barrett Browning
  • Anais Nin
  • Mark Twain
  • D. H. Lawrence
  • Galileo Galilei
  • Thomas Harding
  • Ernest Hemingway

just to name a few!

Self-publishing is quickly rising through the ranks, proving to be the method of choice for many writers. And, in fact, self-publishing can be one of the most successful and lucrative ways to publish your book.

Just look at Peter Bowerman . . .

When he began in 1994, he had no writing background, no paid professional writing experience, and no commercial writing training and was paying all of his bills within four months!

Peter Bowerman has managed to successfully self-publish several books, with any given one providing him with an ongoing full-time income.

One of the most common complaints concerning the traditional publishing route is that the author still ends up doing most of the legwork, including promotions and marketing, yet sees very (very!) little of the profit.

Peter Bowerman asserts, in his book The Well-Fed Self-Publisher, that

everything a publisher does in the course of creating, distributing, promoting, marketing, and publicizing your book is something you can do yourself, and in virtually every case, as well or better . . .

Pretty powerful assertion; wouldn’t you say?! However, I have had the good fortune of reading Peter’s books, studying his methods and exploring a bit about him, as well. And, I have to tell you, I’m impressed!

When it comes to the question of success in self-publishing, Peter has managed to take the “if” out of the equation and clearly establishes self-publishing success as simply a process to be followed. … A process, I might add, that he details clearly and completely in his book, The Well-Fed Self-Publisher.

If you’ve ever considered self-publishing or would like to explore the option further, I highly recommend The Well-Fed Self-Publisher as a go -to reference tool.

As most of you know, I am an information hound, love learning and am forever reading, exploring, researching, and educating. I am extremely careful and selective about the products and services I choose to associate myself and my companies with, and only put forth those which I sincerely believe are excellent in quality, produce results and will be highly beneficial to my clients and customers. I can sincerely say that should you choose to go the self-publishing route (or would simply like to explore the option), Peter’s book, The Well-Fed Self-Publisher, is the best reference I have found that can be used to completely and successfully navigate the process from beginning to end.

Let’s take a quick look at some of the topics you’ll find inside . . .

  • Obtaining your ISBN # (where, how, cost, choices, perks) . . . . pg. 46
  • OPD (Official Publication Date v. BBD (Book Bound Date) . . . pg. 46
  • SAN # – do you need one? . . . pg. 48
  • Library of Congress – PCN Program & LCCN … CIP Program … 3rd Party PCIP ……. pg. 49-50
  • Utilizing Amazon ……… pg. 123 – 132
  • How to let other authors sell you………… pg. 77
  • What marketing is and isn’t …………. pg. 17
  • eBooks and ISBN’s……….. pg. 217
  • Do you have a viable book?……… pg. 29
  • Full Appendix of Self-Publishing Resources ……….pg. 239 – 287

Ok, so that’s just a peak. Obviously, there’s much more.

To learn more or to get your copy of The Well-Fed Self-Publisher click here.

…… to your continued writing success,


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