Obstacles to Opportunities

Let’s face it, a lot of times when we hear the word obligation, we find that synonymous with obstacle; and obstacles can be real motivation killers.  So, instead of seeing obligations as motivation blockers, let’s take a look at what overcoming those obligations can do for us.  The best way to do this is to make the shift in our minds to see obligations as opportunities.  After all, opportunities bring the potential for rewards.

My challenge to you, choose one roadblock you are struggling with today, and ask yourself just what opportunities can overcoming this one, single roadblock in your life bring you.  Then spend the next 10 days taking a just one step a day journey toward overcoming that roadblock.  Put it into opportunity high gear.

I think you’ll find yourself pleasantly surprised at the end results you just might come up with.  Next, stretch that 10 days into 30 and see just how far you can go.  Don’t forget to keep a diary of each days progress! If possible, try to translate this to your writing or blog.

I want to hear from you at the end of your 30-days to see just how far you’ve come.  Email me at deanna@writerbra.com and I just may feature your new-found success on my site.

Obstacles are opportunities in disguise. -Deepak Chopra


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