My Secret Creativity Weapon

Image result for secretI’m going to break down and share with you a little secret of mine. Ok, so maybe it’s not quite a secret, but it is mine!

It’s something I refer to as my “secret creativity weapon” and I’ve been using it now (very successfully!)  for the past six (6!) years.  And, I have to tell you – I love it even more now than when I first got it!

While I’m sure there are quite a few writers (and others!) who know about and use this great tool, I’ve never really heard anyone else talk about it.  I guess it’s their little “secret” too!

So, if it’s such a great secret, why am I sharing it with you now?

Quite frankly, it’s just been so great to me, and I’ve gotten so many different uses out of it (and still do!) that I want to share it with you!  I want to share with  you what a great tool it’s been in my writing, my businesses and even just for fun.  And, I want to give due diligence to the creator; she deserves it!

When you think of grabbing for a dictionary or thesaurus, you’re probably cool with grabbing whatever’s closest or, if at your computer, keying in or  I mean, you may have your favorites, but truth be told, (for the most part) they pretty much all say the same thing; right?

WRONG! I thought so too until I had the chance to flip through the Flip Dictionary by: Barbara Ann Kipfer.

The Flip Dictionary is the coolest thesaurus “style” book I’ve ever used (or seen, for that matter)!  I can literally spend hours (and have) flipping from one word to another, as each one I look up sparks a new curiosity or creative inspiration.

So, what makes the Flip Dictionary different?

Better than just synonyms, the Flip Dictionary offers “clues” designed specifically for writers to:

  • help us figure out that phrase we’re looking for, but just can’t think of or
  • when we know what we want to say, but aren’t sure just how to say it.

But, honestly, anyone can benefit from owning a copy.  I use it in my business all the time.  I’ve even used it to help me decide on what domain names to choose (not Writers Bra though; that was purely my brainchild)!

Plus, going way beyond your standard “reverse dictionary”, the Flip Dictionary includes tables, listings of groups by subject, and more.  It quite literally expands your thought processes.

If you get the chance to “flip” through one or are thinking of buying one . . . I highly recommend it!  You’ll “flip” over it!  (Forgive me, I just couldn’t resist the cheesy pun…lol)

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