Do You Know Where Your Readers Are?

Posting to your blog is great, but then what?  Do you just sit around hoping people will come across your blog?  You need to be proactive in finding your readers.  Where do they hang out?  That’s where you  need to be!  You need to get to know your readers and where they spend their time.  Most likely you’re going to find them on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.  On Facebook, look for groups and pages that are within your niche and join them.  While not every avenue is going to work for everyone, I grew my Twitter followers by 100 in just 2 weeks.

Remember that your blog is a relationship and treat it such. Develop a rapport with your audience.  Respond to their comments.  Feature them in posts. Conduct surveys and post on the results. Invite your readers to guest post on your blog.  Offer incentives for joining your email list.  My subscribers get a pdf of Tools and Tips for Building Your Blog Success for joining.

Pay attention to the websites your readers leave when they post a comment.  Do they have a blog?  Have you read it?  Do you know what their passions are?

Take the time to get to know your readers.  Spend time with them. Learn what their needs and desires are.  When you do this, you will be able to provide them with valuable content and products that will enrich their lives and businesses.

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