Can You Successfully Repurpose Content?

Yes! The key word here is successfully.  You don’t want to just regurgitate old content.  You need to make sure the content is fresh and relevant.  There a several ways you can go about achieving this goal.

Do you have old posts buried within your blog?  This information is still valuable and you want newer readers to be able to see it. A great way to do this is to revive the old posts with some up-to-date content.  This is a very effective way to repurpose old content, while adding new, more current, information.

Group posts together and tweak them to create an eBook or pdf.  When you’re posting as frequently as you are and your categories are filling up, you end up with a lot of great content that relates to one another.  These posts can be grouped together and, with some tie-in content, turned in to a downloadable eBook or pdf that can be of great value to your reader.

Create an email course.  Take some of your blog posts related to a very specific topic or problem and turn them into a mini-course deliverable by email.  Offer the email course to readers for subscribing to your mailing list.  This not only provides value to your readers, but gets you opt-ins to your subscriber list.

Take some of your most popular blog posts and turn them into a video or podcast.  Taking popular content and applying it to another medium can be a very effective way of repurposing existing content.  Focus here on posts that have proven popular with your audience. Just changing your medium, you’ll pick up an entirely new audience.  And, by taking your most popular posts, you already know they are proven successful.

These are just a few of the ways you can successfully repurpose your content.  So, what are you waiting for?  Pick one and get started today!

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