WritersBra is not my first site, but it is my passion.

WritersBra helps bloggers build successful blogs using an experienced, proven, and passionate approach.

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My blogging “career” started many years ago on Blogger as simply a hobby I enjoyed.  I moved from there to a Facebook group called Write-this!  While my Facebook group did grow, I found the platform just wasn’t what I was looking for.

It wasn’t until about 2009 that I was able to purchase my domain.  And, WritersBra, my brainchild was born. To my surprise (a pleasant one!), the site grew fairly rapidly and included the option of a free membership site to the plan.  I averaged about 5,000 subscribers, no small feat for a site that was less than 6 months old.

Sadly, as some of you know, I suffered several personal tragedies in my life and was forced to leave my sites behind. During the events that caused this, I lost all of my material, including my subscriber info, for the site.

A holding company quickly picked up the site and held it for ransom for a few years, trying to sell it at a whopping $2K.  A price I was neither willing, nor able, to pay at the time.  Fortunately, the site recently became available at a much more affordable price and I just knew I had to grab it up.

As you can see, I am quite literally staring over from scratch.  I encourage my new, and former followers alike, to participate in the site by leaving comments.  The faster I can get the site to grow, the more options I am able to make available to my readers.

Thanks for allowing me the opportunity to share a bit about my story. Have a blogging story you’d like to share?  Submit the form through the Contact Me Page with Author in the subject line. I just might feature it on my site!


I believe true success lies in bringing out the very best in others without compromising your own values or beliefs.