5 Types of Blogs that Earn Readers

  • The emotion invoking blog- Post something you have a strong opinion about. Controversy invokes emotion and engagement from your readers. Your readers will leave comments, link to it from their own articles on the subject, and share it in social media.
  • Create a Series- Write the ultimate “how-to” by creating a series covering the a-z of the topic. This method allows you several options: you can post it as a series of posts on your blog (as I did with my Query Letters mini-course), send it as a series to your email list, or format it as a downloadable pdf for your subscribers (like I did with, The How-to of Starting and Growing Your Blog). I’ve utilized all of these methods on my blog.
  • Use multimedia in your post- Add a video or podcast to your post for those who prefer to digest material that way.

There are certainly other types of articles you can write (refer to 48 Blog Topic Ideas below), but these are just a few of the most popular and effective posts you can use in your blog.



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