5 Keys to Productivity

The no distractions method – Turn off the television, silence your phone, put the dog out back, and log off the internet.  Sit down with the sole purpose of writing and stay focused on that alone.  Decide ahead of time whether you will write for a certain amount of time or whether you will write until you finish a certain number of pieces.

Schedule time – While it’s great to work off inspiration (and I highly recommend working whenever you feel inspired!), inspiration is not going to get enough work done.  As writers, we need to learn to produce even when we’re feeling not-so-inspired.  Schedule time to work on your trade on a regular, ongoing basis.  Use times of great inspiration to go back and edit the work done during scheduled times or just as icing on the cake!

Eliminate your options – Scheduled yourself from 9:00a.m. – 10:00a.m. to write that piece you’ve been procrastinating?  Allow yourself only two options:  You either write or sit and stare at the blank page.  You can’t check Facebook, twitter, or LinkedIn.  You can’t even work on other blog related tasks.  After a while of staring at an empty computer screen, you’ll start getting “something” down on the page and “something” is something you can work with!

Batch write – some people work better pre-writing their posts for a week or more.  Whether this is something you schedule or something you take advantage of when you’re feeling particularly inspired, batch writing can be a huge help and can leave you room to work on other tasks associated with your writing business. Try to allow a certain amount of time each week to batch write some of your posts.

Reward yourself – don’t forget to take care of yourself by allowing time for those things you truly enjoy outside of your work.  Feeding that part of yourself will only enhance the inspirational and work-side of yourself.  Be sure to allow time each week to do some of the things you want to do and not just the things you have to do.

Keep Writing!

What are some of the techniques you use to remain productive?

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