4 Action Steps You Can Take Right Now to Grow Your Blog

Once you have your blog set up, you’ve heard me mention it many times; the all-important opt-in for your email list.  This drives more potential customers to your blog and allows you to interact with your audience.

So, the first step you want to do is set up your email provider.  I’ve mentioned before, that after due diligent research starting back in 2009, I found AWeber to be the best choice and is still the provider I use today.

A great optional choice you can utilize is to offer a free giveaway for those who subscribe to your email address.  This sets the state for your audience knowing, and expecting, value from you. For example, my subscribers get a free pdf download of Tools and Tips for Building Your Blog Success.


Jot down post ideas as they come to you.  This could be a killer title or a few sentences that spark your inspiration.  Keep a small notebook and pen with you at all times to be able to do this whenever inspiration strikes.  These make great jumping points for future posts.


Build a rapport with other bloggers in your niche.  These bloggers are not your enemy.  Quite the opposite.  A liaison between you two can lead to incredible growth for your blog and some great guest posts for the other blogger.

While it’s great to target some of the larger “A List’ bloggers, make sure you are also targeting growing bloggers just like you.  They will be much more receptive to share your posts and you may even be able to reciprocate, sharing posts from them as well.  All of which can help your blog grow!


Engage Your Customers.  Don’t just rely on your customers to comment on a blog post.  Ask them to!  Same goes for Tweeting your post and sharing it on Facebook.  A great tool with comments, is to aske open-ended questions.  Get your reader’s feedback.  After all, it’s the most important resource you have to work with!

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