3 Mistakes You Could Be Making With Your Blog and How to Fix Them

No social icons on your site

Social icons are important for spreading the word about your site and posts.  They should be a part of every post you write and readily visible and easily clickable.

WordPress has a variety of plugins that will add social media icons on your site and can be customized to operate the way you’d like them to.  Just to name a few:

Social Warfare – which happens to be one I just recently started using. It allows you to choose which icons you’d like to display and where you you’d like to display them.  This includes posts and pages.  Social Warfare has a good variety of features and boasts that it does not slow your blog down.  You can display icons at the top of your post, the bottom of your post, or both.  It also allows for floating icons that will following a reader down the page when other icons are not visibly readable.  I just switched to this plugin and so far am happy that I did!

Another highly rated option is Uptolike Share. Uptolike allows you to create custom buttons and a nice feature is it adds analytics to the game.  This plugin allows you to collect and analyze the social activity of users and adjust content strategy based on those analytics.  Though I have not used this particular plugin, it comes with a high user rating and certainly may be work checking out!

These are just a couple of options available to you. To learn more visit WordPress Plugins and do a search for social networking icons.

One of the biggest mistakes I see is:

no email opt-in on the site

This is something many new bloggers wait too long to implement.  Truly, you should have an email opt-in the day you go live with your blog.  Yup, it’s that important! 80% of all of your clients are going to come from your e-mail list.

While there are several options for email list providers, I have found Aweber to be the most reliable and functional.  I went with Aweber back in 2009 and am still with them to this day.  Early on, I did try a few other companies, but was not happy and always migrated back to Aweber.

Mistake #3?

Not using images in your blog post

We are visual creatures.  Our eyes are drawn to images.  For these reasons, it’s really important to use images in all of your posts.  Even just one image at the top of your post can do the trick.

Don’t have images or know where to get them?  Can’t afford to pay for images?  Click here for 8 sites that offer free, high quality stock images for your use.

All of these techniques are easy to implement and will really help the growth of your blog and its’ visibility.  So, what are waiting for?  Get cracking today!

As always,
Keep writing!

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  1. I’ve shared this with my little blogging group. I was surprised how many bloggers don’t have a follow me button or use pinnable images.

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