15 Tips for Taking Your Blog Post Viral

Taking your blog viral

#1  The emotional element:  You’ve heard me say it before.  A blog is a relationship.  A conversation with your reader.  Write in a conversational tone and don’t forget to let your passion shine through.

#2  Include pictures in your post:  The eye is naturally drawn to pictures and images.  Place a larger one at the start of your post and sprinkle other smaller pics throughout.  Just don’t get too carried away.  I often stick with just one at the beginning of my post.

#3  The debatable topic.  People love controversy.  Something they can take sides on and debate.  Achieve this and you’ll have a popular blog pic.  Don’t go off topic just to create controversy.

#4  Your heading is the deciding factor as to whether your post gets read or not.  Bring your own views and prospective into your post. Just remember to keep it true to your blog’s heading.  Choose a dynamic heading that still remains true to the topic of your post.

#5  Write an inspiring, motivational post.  Everyone needs uplifting at almost any given time.  Reading something motivating and inspiring can not only lift a reader’s spirits, but it’s likely to stick with them for some time to come.

#6  Lists, lists, and more lists.  Lists always make popular posts.  Some of my own lists include:  48 Blog Post Ideas, 10 Reputable Websites for Writers, 7 Tips for Keeping Your Email Out of the Dreaded Spam Folder, and 10 Ways to Stay Motivated to Blog.  People like lists.  They’re easy to read and they provide the reader with some easy to follow direction.  Incorporate lists into your blog and watch it grow.

#7  The How-to Post.  Like lists, readers love how-to posts.  Just a few How-to posts I’ve created are How to Start a Blog from Scratch, How to Write a Winning Query Letter, and this post, How to take Your Blog Viral.

#8  Take people on a journey.  If that journey Is your own, even better.  I showcase a little bit about my own journey in my About page.  From the responses I get in my writer’s group, it really seems to resonate with people.  People love that personal touch, a sense of getting to know you, feeling connected to you in some way.  Sharing your story can accomplish this.

#9  Conduct an Interview.  You can do this one of two ways:  Do a more in-depth interview with one person who shares in the same field as you or ask a group of people just one or two questions and format their responses into an article.

#10 What’s trending in your field?  Do a little research and look at other top blogs in your field to see what is the most popular at the time.  Then, through your own research, and in your own style, write about one, or some, of the same topics.

#11 Include a video in your post.  People are visual creatures by nature and videos tend to go viral more frequently than the written word.  So, if you can, include a video in your blog post.

#12 Appeal to your reader’s values.  Know what is important to your readers and cater to that.  Ideally, this is something you do with every post you author.

#13 Teach, teach, teach.  Like the how-to method, posts that teach your readers something are the quickest to go viral.  In my blog, I teach readers.  how to start their own blog I also have a series on writing winning query letters. Both have done very well.

#14 Inject humor into your post.  If you can make people smile, or even better, laugh, you’ve really accomplished something.  There’s nothing like a good laugh to make someone’s day.

#15 And, finally, proofread your work.  A work riddled with typos and grammatical errors isn’t likely to get shared.  A trick I use is to walk away from my work for a while so I can come back with some fresh eyes.  You’d be surprised how many errors I catch this way!

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