10 Ways to Stay Motivated to Blog

Image result for blog#1. Share accountability:  Find a friend or other blogger and help hold each other accountable for posting to your blog on a regular basis.  This can be both inspiring and motivating.

#2. Write at the same time every day.  While inspiration may strike at the oddest times, by all means take advantage of this and jot down your notes.  But, showing up at the page at the same time every day is a proven technique for getting the job done.

#3. Create a ritual to get you in the blogging frame of mind:  For me, this means grabbing a cup of coffee and a pen and notepad, so that while I’m working on one piece, I can jot down notes on other ideas as they crop up.

#4. Break the pace:  Grab your laptop and head to your local Starbucks.  You’d be surprised at just how interesting and inspiring blogging in a public setting can be.  Some of the smallest things have sparked big ideas for me.

#5.  Create a blogging calendar:  This can get you thinking in advance about ideas that are relevant to your audience.  It also gives you a clear idea of what to blog about on any given day.  Don’t be too strict with it though; if something sparks your inspiration and it’s not on your calendar, go with it.   You can always rearrange your calendar to fit in the new topic.

#6. Don’t count on your memory:  It will fail you!  When a great post idea comes to mind, make note of it.  Most of us keep our cell phones with us at all times; simply note it in the memo field of your phone or use your voice recorder to note your idea.

#7. Use your reader’s comments:  Reader’s comments often provide clues to what they are struggling with or are hoping to gain from reading your blog.  Let these clues guide you in your posts.

#8.  Use Facebook:  Ask your Facebook friends a question, or two, and let their answers guide you in a blog posting idea.  This is tool I’ve just recently started using myself.

#9.  Conduct a survey on your blog:  ask your readers what they want to hear about.  This can be a very effective tool for coming up with blogging ideas that your audience will want to read.  Survey Monkey offers a free tool just for this purpose.

#10 Join a Blogging Group:  for instance, I created a WritersBra Group on Facebook for this very purpose.  Only recently created, it seems to be growing quite nicely.  Search for similar groups and join on your topic.

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