Why Writing is So Important

Image result for writingWriting is empowering. It stimulates the creative process in that It is complex, calling upon both sides of our brain to come together to shape an experience and feeling into something someone else can understand. And, we all share the need to be understood.

Your writing is a powerful tool that can shape the way others think and feel about any given topic. It is a sword to be yielded thoughtfully and with care. It is the first impression by which your work will be judged, in school and in the community.

Writing helps you explore your own mind and extend a line of thought beyond your first impressions. It is powerful in this way as it gets the juices flowing in our brain forcing us to past our initial thoughts.

Let’s look at some other ways writing is important:

• Writing helps us to express thoughts in a more permanent form
• It builds a unique connection between the writer and reader
• Writing allows you to put down your words so that you may reflect upon them anytime in the future
• Writing encourages critical thinking, which helps which helps us interpret the world around us in a meaningful manner
• Writing demonstrates intellectual flexibility and maturity, as it requires you to anticipate your reader’s needs and desires
• It gives us the freedom to share our thoughts with a larger audience
• Writing opens the door for constructive feedback from the reader, helping us to grow in our own skills of communication
• When seeing our written word on paper (or computer screen), it helps us to better organize our thoughts before putting them out there to our intended audience
• Nearly all professions require some form of writing on the job
• Writing is incredibly pliable
• Even today, communication is transmitted more through writing than any other media
• Writing has intrinsic creative value
• Writing can be referred back to again and again by your reader
• And, maybe, most importantly, writing expresses who you are as a person

As you can see, writing is important for so many reasons. Don’t ever doubt the importance or validity of your writing. Continue with your passion and don’t give up!

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