15 Tips for Taking Your Blog Post Viral

Taking your blog viral #1  The emotional element:  You’ve heard me say it before.  A blog is a relationship.  A conversation with your reader.  Write in a conversational tone and don’t forget to let your passion shine through. #2  Include pictures in your post:  The eye is naturally drawn to pictures and images.  Place a … Read more

Are You an Authority?

Establishing yourself as an authority is the fastest way to grow your business.  It brings your prospects to you, engages them, and makes you the go-to resource. But, how do you become an authority? Authority comes from helping people.  When you’re just starting out, this likely comes from offering free advice, products, or services.  As … Read more

Why a blog?

Setting up a blog is easy, and free, with the use of WordPress and the many pre-formatted, customizable templates offered through their site.  In my coaching, I teach clients how to set up a blog using WordPress and walk them through affordable hosting, utilizing the same host provider I use for my blogs. More importantly… … Read more