Is Medium Good Sharing for Your Blog?

While there may be some mixed opinions about Medium, the statistic speaks for themselves.  Medium gets 30+ Million visitors a month.  That’s about 1 Million visitors a day!

After reading some posts on ProBlogger about the Medium platform, I decided to give a go at it.  So far so, good.  I only posted a handful of stories on Medium and almost immediately, my posts were getting recommended.  So far, I can’t complain.

Medium is a site that allows you to post new stories, as well as import stories from your own blog platforms.  This is great as it allows you a link back to your own blog.  Another bonus, you can include media and other linkable content in your posts. Use this to drive people back to other articles on your blog or even to your special offer!

The numbers on Medium are staggering. Yup.  I’m talking on average a million visitors a day.  A day!  While that doesn’t guarantee every piece you post will get seen or shared, it certainly increases the likelihood of your visibility over other means of publishing.  I published just a handful of articles to post and had 3 recommended by another user on medium in under 2 days.  To this day, this particular user promotes my posts.  Not bad, and more than I’m getting some other places!

So, if you haven’t yet, check out and give it a try.  Already have posts written that you’d like to share?  The import post on Medium makes this a breeze!

We’d love to hear your own experiences with Medium!  Share them in the comments below:

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