Email Marketing Do’s and Don’ts

Quality Content

Constantly provide quality content to build trust.  Stay away from sales pitches in your newsletters.  Instead, provide links, relevant to your email topic, back to your site where you then can offer a product or resource, whether it’s your own or an affiliate product.

Affiliate Programs

A quick word about affiliate products.  Make sure they are reputable; they will reflect on you.  Ideally, you will have used, and gained success from, the affiliate product you are marketing.  If not, do your research.  Check out reviews, talk to others in your inner networking circle who have used the resource and had success with it, do a google search and see where it falls in the rankings in relation to similar products.

Patience is Key

Be patient.  It takes time to establish yourself.  Time most people aren’t willing to put in.  Be that one that  is and it will pay off.  Making sure your topic is something that you are passionate about will help with this.  Passion should always be the driving force for your blog.  Without it your blog will quickly grow stagnant.


So, what is the most effective way to build your email list?  Ad free, quality content.  Plain and simple.  Don’t expect overnight results.  It can take a good year or more to build your list.  The key is to never give up and never give in to the temptation to bombard your list with advertisements.  This will only lose you the very subscribers you’ve worked so hard to gain.

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