Day 10 31 Day Blogging Challenge Share A Reader’s Comments

When my computer crashed and I lost all of my files, I got behind on my 31 Day Blogging Challenge.  It’s definitely something I want to share in completing with my readers who accepted, and took on, the challenge.  So, I’m picking back up here with Day 10.

Share a Reader’s Comments

I was asked by a reader recently whether they should start a free WordPress blog, on the WordPress site, or wait until they could get started on their own domain.

A lot of people just getting started have this same type of question, so I thought I would share my response in this post.

If you know you’re going to be able to purchase your domain and hosting soon, I would advise waiting rather than promoting one site and ending up on another.   Go ahead and start writing content and saving it, so when you do get started, you’ll have a nice batch of posts to start your blog with.  You’ll be ahead of the game, which is a plus, as you’ll want to post frequently, especially with just getting started.

If you know it’s going to be a while before you can get going with  your own domain or want to go ahead and start getting some content out there and build a following, consider using Medium.  It’s easy to post on Medium and once you do have your own  blog, you can still import your posts into Medium and continue to share on that platform.  Imported posts will refer back to originally coming from your site and can gain you some followers.  I still use Medium and have gained some ground there.

I hope you find these tips helpful! Share how you got started in the comments below! Questions? Comment and I will be sure to respond to you.

Keep writing!

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