Query Letters: Important Tips & Warnings

Part 5 of Query Letters That Work mini.course Welcome to Part 5 of the Query Letters That Work! Mini-Course A Word to the Wise:  Important Do’s and Don’ts – Tips and Warnings So, far in Query Letters that Work! a mini-course, we’ve covnents of Query Letters That Work Part Onered: The purpose of the query … Read more

Never Been Published? What to do!

Part 4 of Query Letters That Work! mini-course continued . . . What to Do if You’ve Never Been Published and Don’t have Writing Credentials So far in the Query Letters That Work! Mini-Course, we’ve explored: The Purpose of the Query Letter Key Components of Query Letters That Work Parts One and Two Key Traits and … Read more

Why a Mastermind Group

Mastermind Groups help you navigate through the challenges you face by pooling your collective intelligence and resources.  As a mastermind group member, you are part of an exclusive group who shares a common goal.  You’ve heard the saying, “two heads are better than one”.  That’s the premise of a mastermind group, only in this situation, … Read more

Key Traits & Characteristics of Winning Query Letters

Welcome to Part 3 of Query Letters That Work! A winning query letter has two primary objectives: To persuade the agent or editor to want more from you To provide the editor or agent with a way to easily get in touch with you As we’ve explored earlier in the Query Letters That Work! Mini-Course, following the specific … Read more

Section II of Key Components of Query Letters That Work

Part 2 of Query Letters That Work! mini-course continued . . . To stand out from the massive crowd of query letters that agents and editors receive on a regular basis, your query letter needs to attract the attention of the editor or agent, and in a good way. We’ve gone over the purpose of … Read more

Key Components of Query Letters that Work

Welcome to Part 2:  Query Letters that Work While, as writers we are creative and our writing needs to show this, the actual process and format of putting together a query letter is formal. In order to be taken seriously as a writer and considered for publication, your query letter needs to contain specific key … Read more

Self Publishing Success

Consider this . . . following are all authors who have successfully self-published (I think this may surprise you!): Beatrix Potter Ezra Pound Leo Tolstoy T. S. Eliot e. e. Cummings Edgar Allen Poe George Bernard Shaw Nathaniel Hawthorne Lord Byron James Joyce Walt Whitman Elizabeth Barrett Browning Anais Nin Mark Twain D. H. Lawrence … Read more

Query Letters that Work

Part One As writers, one would think this would be easy, right up our alley, so-to-speak.  But, the fact is, writing a query letter is a very specific and formal process, one that can leave many writers frustrated and unsure. I’ve worked with many talented writers who have been tripped-up by or struggled with the … Read more