7 Steps to Grow Your Email List

Image result for emailThough there are were many reputable email auto-responder providers, AWeber consistently demonstrated a good reputation, based on my research. So, I signed up back in 2009 and still use them to this day.

#1 Sign up with AWeber and start your first list. Signing up with AWeber is easy and affordable. This enables you to create both real time (blasts), and legacy emails that follow whatever sequence you define.
# 2 The all-important opt-in: Add your newly created email opt-in box to your blog. With AWeber you can design an eye-catching opt-in that will allow readers to sign up for your new list.
#3 Give away something of value to your readers that sign up for your list. This can be anything from a “how-to”, to a short report, to an eBook you’ve created that offers value to your subscribers.  For example, when you subscribe to my email list, you get Tools and Tips for Building Your Blog Success.
#4 Produce good, quality content for both your readers on your blog and for your email list. Content is king.
#5 Create your product or service and promote it on your blog and with your new list. Get your new product or service ready to roll out for promotion.
#6 Recruit affiliates to promote your product for you. Offer an incentive to others to promote your product.
#7 Promote your blog on Twitter, Facebook, and other Social Media. If you haven’t already, create a Twitter account and Tweet about both your new product and your free giveaway for signing up with your email list.

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