7 Steps to Grow Your Email List

Though there are were many reputable email auto-responder providers, AWeber consistently demonstrated a good reputation, based on my research. So, I signed up back in 2009 and still use them to this day. #1 Sign up with AWeber and start your first list. Signing up with AWeber is easy and affordable. This enables you to … Read more

Seven Tips for Keeping Your Email Out of the Dreaded Spam Folder

Ending up in the Spam folder can be a real killer for an email marketer.  You spend all this time crafting an email filled with good, useful content, yet still, your email gets routed to Spam.  And, let’s face it, most subscribers aren’t going to go searching their spam folder for your email.  Most don’t … Read more

Blogging. What’s a priority in your life?

What is priority in your life?  How do those priorities fit within your dreams and aspirations? What if I told you that you could have time for both?  Undoubtedly, though skeptical you may be, you would want to learn how. Now, naming something as a priority and finding the time to live up to those … Read more

Why Writing is So Important

Writing is empowering. It stimulates the creative process in that It is complex, calling upon both sides of our brain to come together to shape an experience and feeling into something someone else can understand. And, we all share the need to be understood. Your writing is a powerful tool that can shape the way … Read more

What does your audience want?

As a writer, you are an entrepreneur. You are choosing a nontraditional route in which your written word is your promotion.  This makes you in charge of your own business.  And, it is a business.  The good thing is, it is a business in which you get to do what you love every day (hopefully!).  … Read more

The Short Course Strategy

We hear a lot about how important email marketing is and how to convert readers to subscribers, but not a lot about what to do once we’ve got them there. Most of your business will come from your subscribers.  So, it’s important to know what to do with your subscribers once you have them. One … Read more

Obstacles to Opportunities

Let’s face it, a lot of times when we hear the word obligation, we find that synonymous with obstacle; and obstacles can be real motivation killers.  So, instead of seeing obligations as motivation blockers, let’s take a look at what overcoming those obligations can do for us.  The best way to do this is to … Read more

Query Letters that Work Mini Course

As writers, one would think this would be easy, right up our alley, so-to-speak.  But, the fact is, writing a query letter is a very specific and formal process, one that can leave many writers frustrated and unsure. I’ve worked with many talented writers who have been tripped-up by or struggled with the process of … Read more

Query Letters: Important Tips & Warnings

Part 5 of Query Letters That Work mini.course Welcome to Part 5 of the Query Letters That Work! Mini-Course A Word to the Wise:  Important Do’s and Don’ts – Tips and Warnings So, far in Query Letters that Work! a mini-course, we’ve covnents of Query Letters That Work Part Onered: The purpose of the query … Read more